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Digestion Bundle

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Restore Your Inner Harmony

Bloat Relief

Gas Pain Soother

Digestion Enhancer

Nutrient Absorption Support

Gastrointestinal Calmer

Overall support for smoother digestion

Feel like your gut is perpetually in a rut? Introducing the Digestion Bundle — a soothing symphony of herbs that harmonizes your body’s natural digestive rhythms.

Inside this botanical blend, you’ll find Fennel, Licorice Root, Artichoke Root, Slippery Elm, and Gentian — nature’s remedies for banishing bloat, easing discomfort, and restoring your gut’s happy groove.

With every sip, you’re one step closer to bidding farewell to digestive woes and embracing the joy of feeling light, revitalized, and at peace with your insides.

Inside the Bottle: A Gentle Gut Revival


This aromatic herb is like a hug for your tummy, easing gas pains and bloating with its carminative properties. Fennel has traditionally been used to help relax digestive muscles, promoting smoother digestion.

Licorice Root:

More than just a candy flavor, licorice has been an herbal ally for centuries. It may help soothe inflammation in the digestive tract, offering relief from discomfort.

Artichoke Root:

This veggie’s underground treasure is a digestive powerhouse, revered for its potential to stimulate bile production and ease bloating. It’s believed to promote smoother digestion and better nutrient absorption.

Slippery Elm:

Like a silky bandage for your insides, slippery elm soothes and protects the digestive tract. It has soothing properties that may help alleviate heartburn, nausea, and other digestive discomforts.


This bitter botanical is like a wake-up call for your digestive fire, stimulating the production of gastric juices for better nutrient breakdown. Gentian has been used traditionally to support healthy digestion and appetite.

How to use

How to use

Shake and Awaken:

Give your bottle a gentle swirl to mix the herbs within.

Mix or Sip:

Add the recommended dose to your beverage of choice, be it water, tea, or a refreshing mocktail. You can also take it directly under the tongue.

Embrace the Moment:

Take a few deep breaths and set an intention for digestive harmony.

Repeat & Rejoice:

Make this ritual a part of your daily routine, and watch as your gut finds its groove once more.

Important: Sticking With It

Week 1:

You’re planting the seeds of digestive wellness. Be patient and consistent.

Week 2:

As the herbs settle in, you may start to notice improvements in digestive comfort and regularity.

Week 3 and Beyond:

By now, your digestive rhythm should be restored, and you’re feeling light, energized, and at peace with your insides.

Why We're Different

Why We're Different

Crafted with Care, Not Fairy Dust:

We believe in the power of plants, not in cutting corners. Our herbs are sourced from the corners of the Earth and back, ensuring top-shelf quality and sustainability. Organic, wildcrafted, and lovingly grown, because we're not just making tinctures; we're crafting your new favorite bedtime tradition.


Eco-Warriors in Disguise:

Our packaging might change with the seasons as we use repurposed materials, and we actively recycle and reuse in our operations. All while being powered by the good vibes of 100% renewable energy.

A Dose of Good Karma:

Every bottle sold sprinkles a bit of love back into the world. We support charities that align with our dream of a greener, more sustainable planet. Sleep well knowing you're part of something bigger.

The Digestion Bundle:
Restore Your Inner Harmony


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Uschi65 - Verified Purchase

Excellent quality. You can really taste the licorice. Stopped coughing as soon as taking it.

Brr - Verified Purchase

My first teaspoon I really felt it !


  • Superior Sourcing: Our herbs are sourced from all over the world to avoid seasonal fluctuations in availability, keeping herbs accessible. Our suppliers meet strict standards that ensure top quality herbs, most of which are organic, wildcrafted, sustainably grown, or grown using permaculture. We support local farmers and grow many of our own herbs.
  • Superior Processing: Our tinctures are made using the classic tincturing method. The tinctures are made in a 1:5 ratio which allows for the optimal extraction of the herb. The alcohol percentage is strictly controlled depending on the herb and part of the plant that is used.
  • Superior Selection: We take pride in our growing selection of over 300 individual herbs. If we don’t carry the herb you’re seeking, we can likely track it down for you.
  • Superior Quality Control: Our tinctures are thoroughly tested by a third-party lab and with an organoleptic evaluation by our team of herbalists prior to final bottling.
  • Superior Price: Our tinctures are more cost-effective than other tinctures on the market. With an eye towards efficiency, we keep our costs low by maintaining good relationships with our wide network of suppliers and ordering herbs in bulk quantities.
  • We Care About the Environment: We repackage materials that are shipped to us (so don’t be surprised if our packages look different from time to time!). We recycle or reuse materials whenever possible. We turn the cardboard we receive from other suppliers into packing material. We donate to avoid waste to groups like Naturopaths Without Borders. Our workforce almost completely uses public transportation or bikes. We are powered using 100% renewable energy through Bullfrog Power.
  • We Donate To Charity: We support many causes that make the world better. We donate a portion of our profits or products. These include charities that support environmental and natural sustainability.

Set up an online account and order through the website. If you don’t have an account and place an order, one will be created for you.

Our products are made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by a team of Herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors. The herbs and ingredients we use to make our products are sourced both locally and globally to keep herbs accessible and sustainable.

The majority of our herbs are certified organic, sustainably wildcrafted, or come from small-scale local organic farms that do not yet have organic certification. We always do our best to provide organic herbs in your formulas. We work with a variety of suppliers to keep costs low.

Although most of our products do not contain gluten, we do not have gluten-free certification for our production facility. Feel free to ask about any specific products and we’ll share whatever information we have available.

For liability and regulatory reasons, we don’t make any claims as to how our herbs should be used, including dosing recommendations. Please review our disclaimer, as well as our terms and policies.

Digestion Bundle
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