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Colds and Flus in Children

The most common condition seen in children is infection. Why? Because kids like to put things in their mouths.

Usually, the resulting immune responses are good. They help build a stronger system.

However, in treating children, the best medicine is rest, warm fluids, and calming down symptoms. Herbal medicine can help a child move through an infection a little more smoothly.

Usually infections are bacterial or viral in origin. Cooling diaphoretics can be used when fever is high, warming diaphoretics when fever needs to be encouraged, decongestants or astringents when there is copious production or congestion, demulcents for sore throats, and nervines as analgesics.

So at the end of the day, what should be used?

Here is an example formula that addresses most of these actions:

Elderberry 30mL

Echinacea 30mL

Elderflower 20mL

Sage 10mL

Licorice root 10mL

Dose: 1 teaspoon three times a day, at any time.

Keep in mind it is always best to seek the services of a qualified health practitioner. This ensures proper assessment and proper management.